Information from Pasta+ about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Pasta+ takes the spread of the virus covid-19 very seriously and together with you we do our utmost to ensure that it does not spread further:

  • We bring in fewer guests than normal in our restaurant.
  • We spread out all the company so that it becomes airy in the halls.
  • We help to avoid queuing by handling payment at tables.
  • We disinfect exposed guest areas throughout the restaurant several times a day.
  • We keep, as always, good hygiene in the kitchen and handle food safely.
  • We stay at home when we have the slightest disease symptoms.
  • When queuing at the entrance, you are encouraged to show consideration and keep your distance.

When you are a guest with us, we appreciate that you also follow the Public Health Agency's recommendations and:
wash your hands if necessary for at least 30 seconds, keep your distance when talking to staff or other guests, cough and sneeze in your arm fold, only visit us when you are completely healthy.

Of course, we continuously follow the authorities' recommendations and adapt our procedures accordingly. Our goal is for you to feel safe with us!

Welcome to Pasta+!


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